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TCEST-RDR-1 by ashitarimai
They're such cupcakes...

(I don't have a title for this, but whatever.)
((You can see under the scribbles if we're friends on inkbunny...))

I don't own these boys.
Fort Art Strike by ashitarimai
Fort Art Strike
Anything I post after this will have the faces either scratched out or obscured by words. 
For a while, at least.

Please don't recolor other people's work without permission.
Please don't repost other people's work without permission, or at the VERY LEAST, giving them credit or sourcing.

I don't own baby Mikey, but I do wish that I did. 
Edit: this journal-response doesn't exist for people to agree with me, badmouth her, or to start a debate. I'm just posting this openly so that, should anything come of it, everyone can see my response and judge it for themselves.
((I've been in too many "ashitarimai was mean to me" situations, and I've learned my lesson.))

Screenshot 2014-12-10-13-18-59-1 by ashitarimai

Okay, katicolovesreginald, I like to answer these publicly, to avoid confusion and he-said-she-said. 

Just because you "didn't intend to" hurt someone, doesn't mean that you didn't. 
Just because you "didn't intend to" be rude, doesn't mean that you weren't. 

((Like how saying "no offense" doesn't make a comment any less offensive, you know?))

I honestly didn't think that you were TRYING to be rude (most rude things aren't intentional...).
If I had, I'd have left a much longer response. 

Case in point, I wasn't TRYING to be rude to you, but here we are. 

I'm going to explain as best I can...

Let's say you really like the color pink. 
So much so that you decorate your entire house in it.

Now imagine me coming into your house uninvited, looking around your living room and saying, 

"PINK? That's the color you choose to decorate with?? And it's all mixed fabrics, you know the Bible has a passage forbidding that, right??? The God I believe in only created red, blue, and yellow. Pink doesn't even exist. It's just lightish red. Why don't we call it lightish red? I'm not judging you, I'm just explaining my thoughts on your choice of decor."

Your comment on 10yrsy's journal was, from my point of view, pretty similar. 

And as for the rest of it, the thought that other people don't deserve to be happy, based off of something a book says (and it says an awful lot of things that no one who quotes it seem to care about when they're the ones doing it...) can only be described as rude.

Saying that there is only one way for people to be, to exist, is rude and ignorant. 

And choosing to state your beliefs as facts, while disregarding proven scientific facts, is pretty ignorant. 

But I apologize if my choice of terminology offended you. 
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ashitarimai's Profile Picture
United States
I'm not sure who's winning...

If I don't respond to a comment, please don't think that I'm rude, or that's it's not appreciated.
I'm just not very good with words...

It's gonna happen eventually, so..... what should I do for 100,000? 

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32 deviants said Kiriban with more possible winners than usual
11 deviants said Regular kiriban
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I hope you are ok, you haven't posted for a while.... :hug:
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Hello Ashitarimai,
I follow your work since a little while and I was wondering if I can take you as DeviantWatch?
Pandalon Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my I am so late ah
Happy late birthday!

Uh, what can I say. You're a wonderful artist, and a beautiful person. I love your turtle art, and the Tcest! Your style of art and the way you draw it is like home to me, the soft lines and coloring, the warm feelings and emotions behind what you draw. It makes me smile. All of it.💜
Don't ever stop drawing, don't ever give up. You inspire me, and you're one of my favorite artists. Happy birthday, I hope you have a wonderful night, and I give you my best wishes.
FrankenPup Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconna-raphblushplz::iconna-donblushplz: :iconna-mikeyblushplz::iconna-leoblushplz:



have a LATE happy dappy birthday<3

may it be filled with cake!~:iconcakethecatplz::iconadventuretimeplz::iconfionnaplz:
orangebarmy Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014
A little bit of belated birthday wish - hope you had a good one.
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